Senalda Floral Skirt

180.00 AED 105.00 AED
Color *
3 white with mixed flowers
13 white with red flower
19 brown with tulip big pattern
20 black with tulip big pattern
21 white with tulip big pattern
25 green with mixed flowers
26 peony flower white color
28 peony flower blue color
29 hibiscus flower yellow color
30 hibiscus flower pink color
31 mix flower drawing pink thulian color
32 mix flower drawing white color
33 mix flower drawing black color
34 mix flower drawing yellow color
35 anemone navy blue color
36 anemone red color
38 anemone pink color
39 leopard baby blue color
40 leopard white color
41 baby pink with small flowers
42 navy blue with small flowers
43 nude with flower
44 beige with flowers
45 white with flowers
46 navy with flowers
47 olive green with flowers
48 black with flowers
49 black with peach flowers
50 peach with big flower
27 peony flower yellow color
51 beige with big flower
52 baby pink with big flowers
53 grey with big flowers
105.00 AED

- light and soft fabric
- elastic waist


Length: 38 inches / 97cm
Waist: 26 inch - 40 inch / 66 cm  - 101 cm


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