Dael Pleated Floral Dress (Slim Fit)

125.00 AED
Length *
Color *
Black with Big Flowers
Light Nude with Big Flowers
Baby Blue with Big Flowers
Brown with Small Flowers
White with Purple Flowers
Brick with Big Flowers
Baby Pink with Small Flowers
Cream with Baby Pink Flowers
Nude with Small Flowers
Mint with Small Flowers
Yellow with Big Flowers
Pink with Big Flowers
Peony Flower White
Size *
195.00 AED



Soft and matte mixed polyester


Slim fit


- Pleated design
- Boat neck

Dress Bust

30 - 44 inch / 76 - 122 cm

Dress Length

54 inch / 137 cm

Model's Measurements

Bust: 87 cm | Waist: 65 cm | Hips: 96 cm [Brown with small flowers]

Model's Height 

5’7” / 170 cm [Brown with small flowers]

Material And Care

Do’s :

- Wash at a water temperature of 30°C or below.

- Place the clothing in a washing net bag and wash on your machine's quick wash setting, or press gently if hand washing. After gently spin drying, unfold the garment in the direction of the pleats and lay flat to dry in a shaded, well-ventilated area.

- Roll your garment in the direction of the pleats when storing.

Dont’s :

- Avoid drying with a tumble dryer or other household dryer. Do not use fabric softener.

- Do not tumble dry.

- Do not iron or steam press as the fabric is not designed to withstand heat and may lose its shape.

- Do not use detergents that contain bleach when washing whites and light colours.

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